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802 Media Solutions for Artists & Event Organisors

1. Pre-Event (DVD recording, concert, launch ,promotion)

Technical Solutions

Rehearsal equipment (sound & instruments)
Rehearsal capturing (Video & Audio)

Soft Solutions (Drive Social)

Launch the Brand on social platforms and create awareness. This will be achieved through our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).
Manage content for the artist and schedule posts on social media
Create Posters and Banners supporting the Artist
Positioning an Artist to be the most preferred, by portraying a desired image and professionalism

2.Event day (DVD recording, launch concert, promotion)

Technical Solutions

Front-of-House sound equipment
Backline sound equipment (keys, guiters, microphones, drums, monitors)
Video capturing (Video)
Stage Lighting
Stage furniture

Soft Solutions (Drive Social)

We will arrange the following event staff:

Social Media Marketing
Display images of fans coming in and taking images next to our banners
Run Promotions on the screen on the day, create excitement

Catering for Crew
We will provide food trailers on the day for refreshments for the fans


Our Contact Details

We are based in the economic hub of Africa Gauteng province , but we have the capacity to service in all arts of South Africa and neighboring states.

Physical Address

150 Linden Street
Grayston Office Park
Sandton, 2090

Office Contacts

Tel : 011 264 0606
Cell: 083 996 5665

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